Piercing prices

– How much will my tattoo cost?

Tattoo prices can vary depending on the size, placement and whether the tattoo is in colour or black and grey. We do not have an hourly rate, as we believe this is unfair to clients because every artist works at a different pace. The studio minimum for tattoos is £70. We always recommend that our customers come to the studio for a consultation so they can discuss with the artist what kind of tattoo they would like and their prices can be discussed. Once you have had a chat with the artist and are set on the tattoo you would like, we will then ask you to give a £50-£100 drawing deposit. This will secure your booking and allows the artist to start designing your custom tattoo.

– How much will my piercing cost?





  • Earlobes £10
  • Helix £25
  • Forward Helix £25
  • Tragus £25
  • Rook £30
  • Daith £35
  • Snug £30
  • Conch £25
  • Industrial £30



  • Nose £25
  • Septum £35
  • Eyebrow £30
  • Lip £30
  • Cheeks £35
  • Ashley £30
  • Vertical Lip £30
  • Smiley £30
  • Tongue £30
  • Tongue Web £35
  • Bridge £35



  • Dermal £30
  • Dermal Removal £20



  • Belly Button £25
  • Nipple £25
  • Surface £30

We also have a £5 – £10 fee for jewellery fittings or removal.

The cost for dermal removal is £25.

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