-Where is your shop and how do I get there?

477 Roman Rd, London E3 5LX
The easiest way is a 10 minute walk from Mile End station or Bow station.
You can also take bus 8 from Bethnal Green station.

-What are your opening hours?

We are open 7 days a week, Monday-Saturday 11am till 7pm and Sundays 11am - 6pm.

-How old do I have to be to get tattooed or pierced?

You have to be at least 18 by law to get a tattoo. We will not tattoo anyone under the age of 18, regardless of parental consent. For piercings the ages apply are at least 10 years old for earlobe piercings, 16 for nose, navel and some ear piercings. For all piercings under the age of 18 you have to be accompanied by a legal guardian, both carrying ID. Any other piercings you have to be at least 18. An ID may be asked in some cases. We only accept physical copies of passports, provisional driving license or a 16+ photo Oyster card.

-How should I prepare myself before a tattoo or piercing?

Make sure you are well rested and haven't drunk any alcohol the night before.
Make sure you have eaten a large meal.
If you're having a long session, bring something sugary.
Don't use any painkillers/numbing cream before your appointment.
If its your first tattoo, try to avoid an early appointment.

-How much will my tattoo cost?

Tattoo prices can vary depending on the size, placement and whether the tattoo is in colour or black and grey. We do not have an hourly rate, as we believe this is unfair for clients because every artist works at a different pace. The studio minimum for tattoos is £50. We always recommend for our customers to come to the studio for a consultation so they can discuss with the artist what kind of tattoo they would like and from there prices can be discussed. Once you have had a chat with the artist and are set on the tattoo you would like, we will then ask you to leave a £50-£100 drawing deposit. This will secure your booking and allows the artist to start designing your custom tattoo.

- How much will my piercing cost?

WE DO NOT USE PIERCING GUNS FOR ANY PIERCINGS!!! The piercing prices depend on the initial jewellery you choose. Piercing fees (WITHOUT the jewellery cost included) are as follows:
Earlobes: £10
Nose: £30
Helix: £25
Forward Helix: £25
Tragus: £25
Rook: £25
Daith: £30
Industrial: £33
Conch: £25
Snug: £25
Eyebrow: £30
Tongue: £35
Lip: £30
Belly Button: £25
Ashley: £30
Vertical lip: £30
Septum: £35
Smiley: £25
Tongue Web: £35
Nipple: £30
Dermals: £30
Cheeks: £35
Bridge: £35
Surface: £30

All initial jewellery we use is implant grade titanium jewellery.

We also have a £5-£10 fee for jewellery fittings or removal.

The cost for a dermal removal is £20.

-How can I book an appointment?

To book an appointment we will need a deposit, this can be payed through bank transfer, PayPal or visiting the shop. Anything up to £200 we would require a £50 deposit, anything over £200 we will require a £100 deposit, this also acts as a drawing deposit. You can also pay the whole amount in advance. Please note all deposits are non-refundable. You can change the date/time of your appointment with a minimum of 48 hours notice. In case of cancelling less than 48 hours prior your appointment or not showing up, the artist has the right to permanently cancel your appointment without a refund of exchange. Different terms apply for guest artist bookings.

-Do you do walk ins?

Yes we do, in most cases there is an artist available but it is on a first come first serve basis.

-Can I have a tattoo anywhere on my body?

Yes in most cases we do but it is under the artists discretion.

-How do I look after my new tattoo/piercing?

We will explain the aftercare instructions and provide you with an aftercare leaflet for you to take home. Stick to our aftercare instructions and do not take advice from other people or online. If there are any problems please contact us as soon as possible. Failure to follow the aftercare instructions may affect the healing or final appearance of the tattoo/piercing and this is the clients responsibility.

-Is there a reason for denying a tattoo/piercing?

We will deny any tattoos we deem offensive.
We will deny tattooing or piercing anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
We will also refuse any treatment in a case of unacceptable behaviour.